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Arloid Real Estate Development

Arloid Real Estate Development in Dubai, though part of a very well-known Arloid company, is a real estate and property developer. The Arloid Group is a world-renowned multidisciplinary organization found in six nations. 

The expert in the construction of the residential and commercial property is Arloid Real Estate Ltd. Their expertise ranges from iconic landmarks to retail stores, high-end products for growth and improved-quality goods from all over the world to offer their clients a high degree of service

Their experience covers the construction of beautiful buildings and shopping centers, the construction of high-quality items, and the distribution of high-quality goods from around the world. Their offices are located in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Luxembourg, Andorra, and Russia.

Popular Projects by Arloid Residences 

Grenland Residences 

The Grenland Residences offers 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments located in Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR), Dubai, a notable development through the Arloid sector. It offers a wide rooftop terrace with multifunctional facilities, two BBQ areas, sunbeds, and a spectacular view over Dubai Skyline.

The building comes with professional standards equipped with household items and home automation technologies. It also includes an upgraded gym with new high-end equipment and a six-floor extremely high waterfall.

Besides, buildings with a capacity of 876.8 sq. will have 73 covered parking spaces. Two hundred and a half. Ft. Allowing several choices to be made. Here, leisure and entertainment won't only compete with shopping centers, but also all the other massive malls around the world.

While introducing the world's largest shopping destinations to the finest of the high-end retail segment, it offers a stunning entrance to its global dealership with a wide range of product options, exclusive dining experiences, and top-notch entertainment.

Main points of interest

  • Smart household technology

  • Elegantly designed and furnished apartment

  • Golf course with the largest academy for tennis

  • Audio Monitoring

  • Security 24 hours a day

Facilities & Amenities

Providing luxury facilities for growth, enjoy home-grown facilities at Grenland Residences. Due to proximity, residents can enter numerous shopping centers, enjoy dining in numerous restaurants and cafés, encourage their children to enjoy a calming playground in their lovely parks and gardens.

Discover a shopping area at Mall of the World's biggest mall, a hub of its kind spread over 48 million square ft. It is 8 million square ft. A shopping area is also available including its fully equipped and centrally air-conditioned environment and the largest indoor park for gaming.

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