Arada Property Developer
  • Total Projects: 39
  • Founded In: 2017
  • The developer has already established two historically high communities in Sharjah, the Emirate where the organization was started, within the brief period since Arada was initiated. All their projects are aligned with their dream that beautifully built homes are delivered, all at an affordable price point, in expansive and healthy neighborhoods. Their dedication is to give home buyers and inhabitants a high-end lifestyle with all they need in one place. Arada has undertaken to supply its homes according to work schedule, which are above what elsewhere on the market. They are hoping to join the Arada team.

    Arada has been developed to strengthen, influence, and motivate its people. Their homes are built beautifully and augmented with the highest quality facilities, all at an affordable price range. Their focus is on the crossroads between community and innovations and sustainability – all of which are important and rapidly moving questions in today ’s world.

    Their goal is to provide Sharjah's kind of communities and to completely change it into a great international city. This goal has been achieved by the two communities that they have so far launched-Aljada and Nasma Residences, which generates considerable interest from various stakeholders, including investors, end-users, both private and public partners, and the media.

    They want to develop a community that inspires, strengthens, and involves its residents. They are dedicated to creating affordable homes for all. And in the process of sustainable development, they aim to be a leader. Geographically, we are aiming for medium-term growth in the local market such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, leading to long-term markets worldwide. From a financial point of view, they aim to generate strong returns on the investments, backed by a combination of sales and growing profits.

    From a marketing perspective, we must realize that our goal is to create techniques to analyze with effective practices, to build up added value for investors, customers, communities, and countries alike, as one of the most ambitious and progressive players of real estate in the Middle East.

    Popular developments by Arada Property Developers

    Aljada is the first mega-urban creation in Sharjah, the latest location and everything is on your fingers. A broad range of household and industrial spaces appropriate for a broad variety of people are highlighted in this splendid project. Aljada is a unique community that involves the most important services for lifestyle, including retail, recreation, and entertainment.

    Popular Projects by Arada Property Developers

    Areej Apartments:-
    Built to build spacious living spaces, the Aljada Areej Apartments are built in a modern and elegant style and are suitable for individuals or young couples.

    Areej Apartments is in a building of four and six stories with suites, one-bedroom, and two bedrooms. There are parks and a scenic view in each apartment.

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