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The family-owned Akshara Global Real Estate Development has crossed vast fields over a short period and has therefore established its reputation as the dominant real estate developer in Dubai. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the real estate industry, which provides luxury at a low cost. The management team of Akshara Global manages to combine years of international building experience and cautiously monitors all aspects of development through the design, commercialization, construction and efficient dedication.

It has gained a good reputation by charging competitive prices for work performance. It has years of expertise in foreign design and supervises every part of the project carefully. It characterizes luxury by offering not only a home, but also endless facilities by following the highest quality. The developer is committed to offering affordable housing and to realizing a vision of living in a lifestyle and house.

Akshara is known for their commitment to developing excellent quality properties that are characterized by thoughtful design, pleasant floor plans and first-class facilities. They strive to lead the market in the real estate industry by satisfying the desires of a lifestyle and a residence that inhales essential living. The nature of their work represents both of these values. As a company, they strive to create both aesthetic value and elegance that will make for their customers a great experience. Their highest priority is to empower the customers to build lifestyles and value. Through their flexible payment plans, they plan for a new way of living that allows consumers to move their lifestyle from a rent-driven to their living/private space.

Popular projects by Akshara Global Real Estate Group

Laya Residences

Laya Residences is a luxury building in the heart of Jumeirah Village Circle. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of Dubai's top ten most explored residential neighborhoods that is blooming with rising communities. It was finished in 2017 and is located directly with convenient access to anything that fits the lifestyle. Laya Residences has many facilities such as an extensive indoor pool, a sauna room, a fully-equipped fitness gym, a Yoga Studio, a jogging route, a terrace lounge and a play area for children.

Just 164 units with a mix of expansive studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms are included. Without specification, every house is made to perfection. Laya Residences captures the beautiful architecture, ease and luxury in Dubai. The land is 100% sold off and returned to the citizens successfully.

Laya Heights

Laya Heights by Akshara Global is a signature building located within Dubai Studio City and sets a new standard for timeless elegance. The building houses a perfect mix of studios, one and 2 bedroom apartments that are spacious and stylish. The architecture with a modern architecture is packed with new facilities that are more comfortable. Located in a prime neighborhood, a short distance from the busy downtown, the hotels offer the perfect place to loosen up. All of the houses in this area have beautifully done interiors and high-end construction, which further enhances the attractiveness.

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