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Ajmal Makan Properties is the top real estate developer in the UAE, with outstanding building construction records, for cities and infused-use design neighborhoods. Ajmal Makan intends to build a residential and tourism attraction spot and to design new cities that contribute effectively to the improvement of people.

The project consists of natural islands that link with one another via canals that allow for the continuous natural flow of water. The project consists of the famous Makan Sharjah Waterfront City on the UAE, a spacious area, and has a high economic, social, and environmental performance. The Waterfront town of Ajmal Makan Sharjah is 36 kilometers long with white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. Green buildings promise a feeling of warmth and affection and good feelings.

Popular Developments by Ajmal Makan Properties

Sharjah Waterfront City

Sharjah Waterfront Town, one of Sharjah's most exciting mixed-use development projects to form the landscape of the city and establish a new town on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, is an impressive series of eight articulately built islands observable from outside. Spread over 60 million square feet of untouched land on the sea, this is a great escape for residents and visitors. Sharjah Waterfront is a town of vital amenities where people can stay, operate, store, enjoy a meal, and experience the best of life in a modern, comfortable living environment.

Popular Projects by Ajmal Makan Properties

Sun Island’s smart villas

Sun Island’s smart villas by Ajmal Makan are a luxury project with a set of prime houses in the city of Sharjah Waterfront, promising a special lifestyle experience. Providing a choice of 4-bedroom villas, 5-bedroom villas, and a 6-bedroom villa, the residences are situated in a clear and air-conditioned setting, ensuring a retreat for all individuals who wanted elegance and beauty in their residence. Every unit on the island 's surface is laid with special infrastructure and services in all senses.

The villas are available in multiple types and specifications and are designed for a new form of luxury accommodation. The chief purpose is to maximize the standard of your lifestyle in residences that blend classic designs with advanced technologies. The designer emphasizes artificial information and smart robotics so that you can use your Phone to monitor things such as temperature, protection, curtains, and television.

Smart villas have a new way of life. Situated in a quiet and environmentally sustainable setting, eco-friendly structures strive to decrease carbon footprint and use less electricity.

Highlights of the Project

  • A range of fine-tuned intelligent villas in different sizes

  • Smart houses with artificial intelligence

  • Green buildings with less fuel and fewer carbon emissions

  • Classically built and modern villas

  • Connects to state-of-the-art facilities

  • Place in a safe and secure climate

  • Close to the beach and other famous sights

  • Friendly environment for investment

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