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It began in 1966 and became a multinational corporation with a diversified investment portfolio in Textile Manufacturing, Export, Air Logistics, Distribution, Poultry Farms, Real Estate Development, and many other enterprises. The group aimed to create a brand that brings value to the lives of everyone involved, particularly consumers, employees, and stakeholders. Via processes and methodologies the organization has implemented corporate goals in Rijas DNA to continuously enhance operations and attain a world-class reputation.

Rijas ACES is a real estate development business run by a team of highly qualified people of Rijas Group. The company provides a forum for property and real estate operations for high-quality investment opportunities in residential, industrial, and mixed-use. Rijas ACES 'leading directors have worked and have built a track record over various market cycles. Rijas ACES engaged strategically in the purchase of property to generate capital gains and profits. Rijas ACES Sales team is linked by growing its scope into major investment markets, in Britain, Russia, CIS, the Indian Subcontinent, and North America, to the heart of the UAE and international real estate industry.

Rijas ACES Property Limited believes that retail areas are planned and constructed to be functional and technologically effective so that you can turn them into your own spaces. You can always choose with them to raise your business spirit as you experience a rise in your investment. Our Renaissance space with an area of over 2,000 sq ft reinforces the professionalism of technology and construction that gives customers and investors an atmosphere of a vibrant community.

At RIJAS, they focus on enhancing the standard of living in their serving populations. In the business areas they operate, they strive for management and international influence. Their goal is to put what they receive back to the community. They believe that often what comes from individuals goes back to them.

Popular Projects by Aces Property Development

ACES Chateau

ACES Chateau is an ambitious Renaissance manor that is already an exquisite neighborhood in the vicinity. This appeal is homely and comfortable for individuals and families who want to have comfort and quiet in their homes while remaining linked to the metropolitan area.

The external and inner dimensions of the estate suit world-class standards that simultaneously captivate the sensation of sophistication and tradition. ACES Château offers an impressive community – all in one place, a desirable home for both residential and investor groups.

ACES Château’s facilities provide full rejuvenation for anyone's body, mind, and spirit. The rooftop has comfortable sitting areas.

  • CCTV – Control system for security

  • Pool and common spaces for residents

  • Facilities for shopping

Dusit Princess Rijas

The 231 luxurious hotel-style apartments in Dusit Princess Rijas are fitted with the latest high-tech appliances, including dreamy Beds, Wedgwood chinaware, crystal glassware, Nespresso machine, and hand-held British Minibars. The beautiful Blue Service Stylish and Guest Experience Managers are willing to commit to quality service and help you with any query. Dusit attempts to develop and operational support in its personalized concept for elevated-gym, swimming pools, and restaurants with strong experience in Wellness and SPA. 

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