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Misk Lofts

Project Name:
Misk Lofts
Starting Price:
AED 1,676,894
2019, Q4
Property Type:

Why Should You Buy Misk Lofts?

Arada developers have come up with another fresh and vivid approach of urban living named Misk Lofts in the core of Aljada, Sharjah. Since their foundation in 2017, ARADA developers have been devoted to developing magnificent communities that influence, engage and enhance their inhabitant’s lifestyles meanwhile driving economic expansion of Sharjah.


Payment Plans

InstallmentMilestonePercentage (%)
1stInstallmentOn Booking10%
2nd InstallmentAfter 2 months10%
3rd InstallmentAfter 6 months10%
4th InstallmentAfter 12 months10%
5th InstallmentOn Completion60%

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