Areej Apartments

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Areej Apartments

Project Name:
Areej Apartments
Starting Price:
AED 299,490
2019, Q4
Property Type:

Why Should You Buy Areej Apartments?

Areej Apartments are efficiently designed comfortable housing project from ARADA developers, a trusted name for ideal living solutions in Sharjah. ARADA has managed to contribute excellent communities to Sharjah in accordance with government’s approach of better living for everyone in a very short time.

Areej Apartments are designed

Payment Plans

InstallmentMilestonePercentage (%)
1stInstallmentOn Booking10%
2nd InstallmentAfter 2 months10%
3rd InstallmentAfter 6 months10%
4th InstallmentAfter 12 months10%
5th InstallmentOn Completion60%

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